Welcome to my world

Like Elan from my latest novel, 'The Ringing Rocks of Atlantis', I am sitting here at the beautiful and salty Salz River in the foothills of the Pyrenees, where I live together with my husband, Peter. I have always loved ancient history, especially when some of it is lost or misunderstood throughout the ages. Then I cannot help myself and won't stop researching until I get to the bottom of the enigma. Although I have always enjoyed writing, my professional career didn't start until 2011, when my first book, "White Lie, the Quest for the Forbidden Relic" was released. In 2015 it was followed by "The Eye of Ra", and now, the third book of my Time Travel Trilogy is finally on the market.
The historical thrillers I write are a way of sharing my findings with other seekers, while another way of sharing happens through my guided tours here in Occitania, France, or in Greece. The first thing on my agenda is to organize a group tour to Santorini on the theme of my latest book about Atlantis. This tour will be so very special.
As I am driven by intuition - whether I am writing or guiding - magic always happens. Perhaps because I don't have to remember anything, or because I am so passionate that my heart won't let me forget. We know deep inside what matters most. Truth about our human heritage is out there for us all to discover.

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